Izaak Walton League

Conservation, Outdoor Recreation,  Safety, and Shooting Sports
Linn County Chapter


About Ikes

We are a local chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. We are a volunteer-run, privately owned facility located on approximately 47 acres in Linn County, just off 42nd Street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are a group of approximately 725 members dedicated to conserve, restore, and promote the sustainable use and enjoyment of our natural resources, including soil, air, woods, waters, and wildlife.

Open to all Members, their family, and guests, 8am to 8pm

(Or sunset, when earlier)


Our PHYSICAL address is: 5401 42nd Street NE, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Our MAILING address is:  PO BOX 8509, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52408-8509


May 9th, 2022 Update...

May 14 – Bird Watching Event-First Annual

Time: 7:30 AM -10:00 AM at the Linn County Chapter grounds

Meet at Chapter House at 7:30 AM for coffee and prep. Cathy Mittelberg will go over the morning events and start the walk at 8:00 AM. Cathy has been a passionate bird watcher since being mentored by her mother at very young age.  We have two main trails and a sweet Bird Viewing station that participants can enjoy. So, bring you binocs, spotting scopes, cameras and walking shoes for our First Annual bird walk. Who knows, you may even snag a picture of a turkey or two or four

Note: all ranges (indoor pistol range as well) will be closed for the duration of this event.  Ranges are expected to re-open after 10:30 AM.


OUR ENTRY GATE IS BROKEN!!!  USE the swinging yellow gate until we get the gate working again.  Make sure it's closed as you exit.

I will be meeting with our security system contractor Wednesday, May 11th, for an assessment of the damage, and perhaps find out what it will take to get the gate back on-line.

Until further notice, use the yellow swinging gate and the attached chain/carabiner to lock the gate behind you.


MAY 7, 2022 --Work Day Success!!!

Thank you to all who came out to Ikes on May 7 for our Spring work day.  Thanks you all of you who helped, we planted 750 bare root trees and shrubs (five different species) along our 42nd street frontage.  We also had a crew clean up our portion of Highway 100, and completed various repair and cleanup activities on the grounds.


TRAP NEWS --- Warmer Weather is here!

Looking for the Trap Safety Briefing so you can learn how to safely operate the trap throwers?  Want a refresher?  Come to one of the following sessions -- all beginning at 9:00 AM.

May 21st and May 28th

June 9th


There is still time to get us your 2022 Waiver

ALL members, regardless of when you joined, are required to have seen the 2022 safety briefing and signed a 2022 Waiver to have continued access to the Izaak Walton Grounds.

Follow the instructions.  Read the safety briefing.  Open the Waiver Form.  Fill it out.  Return the completed file to ikesmembership@gmail.com.

As soon as we get your filled out Waiver form, we will mail your 2022 membership tags and , guest tags.

The new, 2022 Member Handbook is ready for download from our "Members Only" web page, under "Documents."  It's new, it's changed,  Download a copy and save it away -- maybe after you've read it.

The 2022 Member Manual no longer has the Bylaws attached.  These can also be found on our Members Area, under "Documents."


If you're not feeling well (cough, fever, headache)  prior to entering the grounds, please turn around and go back home.  It's no fun to shoot anyway if you're ill!


If you wish to qualify to use the indoor range without RSOs present, send an email to IPR.LCIWLA@gmail.com or to  ikes.membership@gmail.com.  We'll take care of you.


MEMBERS -- Take advantage of our Buy/Sell/Trade section.  If you have something you're looking to buy, to sell, or to trade -- send the description to ikesmembership@gmail.com.  I'll post it and you're on your way.  Let me know when I can take your listing down, so the site doesn't get filled with really old listings.  -- Dave Shema

Committee Updates

Remember -- broadhead arrows are not permitted on the range -- they tear up the target butts!!!

Contact the Committee

If you wish to become an Action Range user -- there is a one-time fee of $200.  Once you pay the fee, you'll be asked to contact Walker Kelly to arrange an empty firearm check to demonstrate that you can safely get your gun in and out of a holster.   The check is simple and takes only a few minutes.

If you want to use the on-line calendar to schedule your time, you need to have a Gmail account, and we need to know what it is so we can add you to the list of users.

Contact the Committee

Help Help Help!!!  May 7th, a Saturday, we will have a work day and plan to plant 750 bare root trees and shrubs in the "front yard."  Imagine -- of the 750+ members we have (either current or some from last year who haven't yet renewed) were to come help, each person would have one tree or shrub to plant, and we could do this task in less than ten minutes.  More on this above, on the front page.

Contact the Committee

The indoor range is open.  Your gate card will get you inside the IPR after you go through the safety briefing and qualification shoot.

You may have noticed that Ready Room lighting is pretty bad lately and some of the lighting above the shooting benches could be better.  Help is on the way.  The Indoor Range Committee is presenting bids for lighting work to the board.  Stay tuned.

Want to qualify to use the Indoor Pistol Range?  Send an email to ikes.membership@gmail.com, or to IPR.lciwla@gmail.com. We'll take care of you.

Contact the Committee

The range is busy lately.  A combination of a growing membership and nicer weather. 

Contact the Committee

We have installed LED lighting in the shoot house to help with your sight picture on overcast days.

Contact the Committee

If you want to learn how to use the trap machines safely, or just want a hands-on refresher -- this is for you -- contact the Trap committee using the link below.

Contact the Committee

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