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  • New heated concrete floor, heated make-up air unit, exhaust system.
  • Shooting targets at 50 feet.
  • Turning Target System for Bullseye Shooting.
  • Any conventional Pistol caliber and FMJ or Lead bullet, shooting from Individual Positions.
  • Rifles chambered in .22LR permitted, .22LR hollow-points are acceptable.
  • Assortment of targets available at a reasonable cost.
  • Must attend a special orientation briefing and shoot a simple 10-round qualification target for individual use of the range.
  • Shooting targets at 7, 10, 15, 25 or 50 Yards.
  • Any conventional handgun caliber and bullet.
  • Pistol-caliber carbines and rifles chambered in .22lr are permitted.
  • Open every day during our normal hours.
  • One lane with automated target handling system and lowered shooting bench to accommodate shooters with disabilities
  • Bench-Rest Shooting at targets at 25, 50 or 100 Yards.
  • Any conventional Rifle caliber and bullet, shooting from concrete benches.
  • One multi-purpose shooting lane - sitting, kneeling, standing, squatting, prone shooting.
  • Shotguns shooting slugs permitted.
  • Large caliber handguns permitted.
  • Patterning board for testing shotgun loads.
  • Open every day during our normal hours
  • Any conventional pistol caliber round, shooting from Individual Positions.
  • Pistol-caliber carbines permitted, shooting straight-wall cartridges.
  • Programmable Turning Target System.
  • Draw and Fire from a Holster.
  • Steel and reactive Targets.
  • *One-time fee covers upkeep and maintenance.
  • Covered with concrete pad, shooting at 5 and 10 Meter distances.
  • Trap Houses and auto Throwers with voice activation.
  • Individual use allowed following short orientation program on safe handling of the trap throwers.
  • $5.00/per round of trap per shooter.  Covers cost of targets and upkeep.
  • Two additional Practice Range positions to allow you to bring your own throwers with mounting stands.
  • 60-yard Bow Range.
  • Tree Stand for tower shooting
  • 3D archery and Air Gun walking trail with 3D targets (deer, turkey).
  • Five 42 x 42 inch sheltered targets along the trail.
  • Axe-Throwing target.

Action Range

Action Range Membership involves a one-time donation of $200 to maintain the building.

You pay for your targets, we will provide the stands.

Please be careful not to shoot the concrete walls and remember to clean up before leaving.

The normal reservation for shooting is by the hour using our online calendar.